Experience The Difference!

The National Lure Coursing Club is a new organization founded on four old-fashioned ideals: sport, choice, simplicity and value.

The emphasis on sport in the NLCC program is found in the rigorous dedication of its running rules to the excellence of the competition between the dogs on the field rather than the competition between their owners on paper. The rules of NLCC lure coursing have been developed with the goal of identifying the top talent of the day’s sport, not on awarding the maximum number of dogs placements or titles.

The NLCC program has also been developed with a view toward giving host clubs the maximum choice in how they structure their lure coursing meetings. Rather than being restricted to a one-size-fits-all lure coursing program, clubs hosting NLCC trials can choose between three different running formats and two different scoring formats. They can choose from a large and inclusive list of sighthound breeds and crosses for the dogs to invite to their trials, or they can include all of them. The prizes and ribbons to be awarded to placing dogs are entirely within the discretion of the host club. Whether and how to publish and distribute an event program (premium list) is the club’s choice – no need to follow a pre-determined formula or to get programs approved in advance. Running NLCC trials, a club has considerable flexibility in customizing a program that best suits its membership and entrants.

At the center of this choice advantage are a running format and a scoring format which only NLCC lure coursing offers. The brace elimination format is an old-but-new format which has been tried and proven for centuries on the coursing fields of England and America. Now brought to sanctioned lure trials for the first time, brace elimination offers the excitement of head-to-head competition with an immediate declaration of the winner at the end of the course – no waiting on scores to be posted! Each entered dog is guaranteed two runs on the day, and the courses are easy to follow as they progress through the brackets to the semi-finals and finals. Combined with the point tally scoring system, brace elimination offers a more objective, transparent judging protocol that will address many of the complaints about the subjectivity of the judging in lure coursing.

With a single stake as the primary competition and a single, simple title based on winning percentage, NLCC lure coursing is dedicated to simplicity, both in terms of the number of rules required and the actual running of the meeting. A single Open stake not only recognizes the reality that there is no competitive difference between a dog with a title at the end of its name and one without such a title; it also greatly simplifies the running of a trial. The NLCC’s single title, the Grand Field Champion, conferred based on a dog’s achieving a certain winning percentage over a set number of trials, greatly reduces the number of rules and policies which must be developed to address the seemingly endless number of possibilities and scenarios involved with multiple stakes and a system based on dogs defeated.

The NLCC program offers greater value to host clubs, simply because it has lower “overhead” and operates more efficiently, and can therefore offer its program at a lower cost. Host clubs pay a per capita fee of only $1 per dog to hold a NLCC-sanctioned trial, and there is no event application or other fee required. The National Lure Coursing Club is dedicated to running an organization with a small and efficient governing board, an all-volunteer ”work force,” and wide use of the internet for governance by its membership and for distribution of information.

Clubs interested in holding NLCC-sanctioned trials, and clubs and individuals interested in membership in the National Lure Coursing Club, should direct inquiries to fieldchmn@aol.com